Due to the WCC (World Cup Classic) and an LCA trip, no orders will be processed from Wednesday September 18 untill Monday September 23.

LCA Tackle

We believe that good end tackle doesn’t have to be expensive. We sell high quality products for a fair price. We also include a higher amount of products in each package we sell. LCA Tackle is for every carp fisherman, regardless the size of your wallet. You don’t have to worry about the quality of the products, we’ll take care of that. So you can do what its all about: Enjoy fishing!

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LCA The Gom


LCA Putty

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LCA Travel

Next to our end-tackle range, LCA is going to offer something entirely new. Under the name ‘LCA Travel’, we are going to rent out different fishing waters. Each water is carefully picked by our team, so we can guarantee a great fishing week for you. Are you excited to see what we offer? Take a look below to check out the different venues!

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A selection of our product range

Our product range consists of a variety of products. These products are for example hooks, hook link, lead clips, PVA products, fake food, leaders and specially made for the toughest fishing conditions we’ve got the Force Range.

LCA Quick change wartel
LCA Pop up mais (glow in the dark)
LCA FF-02 Force Range haak
LCA Rivier kit
LCA Bait Screw

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