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We believe that good end tackle doesn’t have to be expensive. We sell high quality products for a fair price. We also include a higher amount of products in each package we sell. LCA Tackle is for every carp fisherman, regardless the size of your wallet. You don’t have to worry about the quality of the products, we’ll take care of that. So you can do what its all about: Enjoy fishing!

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LCA Tackle goes international

LCA Tackle goes international! Enthusiasts from Germany, France, Belgium and the UK have shown an interest in our products. Therefore, we decided to translate our Dutch website.

How it works

On the right side of the menu is a country flag and a country name located. This indicates the language that is shown on the current page. When you hover your mouse button on the language indicator, a range of options will expand in which you are able to pick the language you want. If there are no options showing when you hover your mouse over the language selector, don’t panic! Additional languages are only shown in they are available on the current page. If you can’t pick a certain language, then the current page has not yet been translated in (certain) other languages. We are putting great effort into translating our complete website as soon as possible!

Available languages

Currently all content on this website is written in Dutch. Our plan is to start by translation our complete website to English (as you can obviously see by reading this). After translating the website to English, our French colleges can start by translating the website to the French language. Last but certainly not least we plan to translate the website to German, for our neighbors in the east.

We will keep you posted on the progress of the translations!

A selection of our product range

Our product range consists of a variety of products. These products are for example hooks, hook link, lead clips, PVA products, fake food, leaders and specially made for the toughest fishing conditions we’ve got the Force Range.

LCA Quick change wartel
LCA Pop up mais (glow in the dark)
LCA FF-02 Force Range haak
LCA Rivier kit
LCA Bait Screw

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